Why only 6 participants for Travel Light Weekend Program

Travel Light Weekend

TravelLight is a self awareness program that we conduct every month at the Yes 2 Life! Meditation Studio in Aundh. This is a slightly intense program conducted over the weekend and most participants go through a blissful transformation and emerge with a changed perspective towards life.

Travel Light Weekend

For the TravelLight Weekend program, we the facilitators have made a conscious decision of restricting the number of participants to just 6. We arrived at this decision automatically after the first few programs. Today, I will try to explain the rationale behind this choice.

Leaving aside all modesty or the pretense of modesty, I am just going to state what I truly experience in every TravelLight Weekend program that takes place at my studio. The transformation that happens in that space is bigger than all of us, the facilitators and the participants put together. It is one of those mysterious, inexplicable things where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Much greater.

How does it take place, what happens, at what point, who generates it – no one can tell. But all of us Travel Light facilitators agree on one thing – that something magical takes place when you are in a space of complete acceptance, non-judgement and kindness. This “something magical” is exactly what is called healing; a part of us gets healed. Childhood wounds that you didn’t even know existed, relationship hurts that we bear silently, all the self-blame, shame, guilt, negative self beliefs, those parts of us that have been hiding in the dark – suddenly in this safe and loving environment, they find the courage to peek above the surface. And at a very delicate juncture in the program you get to meet that precious part of yourself that is hiding behind the walls of anger, denial, indifference, hypocrisy or tantrums. In a very gentle and loving way you are encouraged to pull down the walls of your defenses and become friends with that innocent childhood self of yours, again.

As facilitators of TravelLight, our primary commitment is towards the creation of a space where each participant feels unconditional, non-judgmental acceptance of themselves. Anyone who has experienced such settings will know that there is certain vulnerability, a feeling of closeness and preciousness that is palpable in a truly healing environment. In the program, we want each and every participant to realize that they are contributing in a big way towards the creation of this non judgmental space, for if they can create it for others, they can create it for themselves as well. And THAT is the first step towards healing.

We, the facilitators take our space very seriously and guard its sacredness fiercely. It is much easier to do this in small groups. Hence, considering the maximum benefit of all participants we have decided to restrict the number of participants for each monthly program to 6 only.

Author: Shibani Thakur, Founder, Y2L Meditation & Relaxation Studio & Co-Founder, Travel Light

Travel Light is a self awareness program that uses a combination of pragmatic learning, mind therapy and meditation practices to enable identification of limiting patterns from the past and help you break those patterns for good.

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