The thin line between maturity and foolishness

Raj Kapoor Shree 420

Sab kuch seekha humne na seekhi ……….

A deep discussion we had in one of our Travel Light sharing sessions reminded me of this famous Raj Kapoor song from the movie ‘Anari’. One of our participants shared a touching story of betrayal by a friend and how that changed his perspective on what it means to be helpful. In his own words, he said “I’m much more practical now”.

Raj Kapoor Shree 420

It got me thinking about this myth that is prevalent, especially in the Indian culture about how being practical and going out of the way to help others are two opposite things. It is almost as if our elders are saying either you can be practical or sentimental but not both. This Raj Kapoor song – sab kuch seekha humne na seekhi hoshiyari – strikes a deep chord within us; it is the collective lament of our generations who have been betrayed by their simple, sentimental way of approaching life.

Of course, there is no one single way to be – only practical or only sentimental. Different situations call for different combinations of practicality and sentimentality and there are no right or wrong ways of being. The only wrong way of being is having this unwritten rule in the back of your mind that one is the opposite of other. Your thoughts?

Author: Shibani Thakur, Founder, Y2L Meditation & Relaxation Studio & Co-Founder, Travel Light

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